Episode #43: Yokko – From Japan to New York City with Acting Dreams

If you’re looking to feel inspired, listen to Yokko’s story of perseverance and determination in her pursuit of the passion for acting which has carried her from Japan to the United States. After surviving a debilitating illness as a young woman, Yokko felt that her dream of being an actor might have been out of reach, but after a stint as a film director, and years spent learning English and honing her craft in Oregon and New York, she is now immersed in a life of performance in New York City, the depth of her commitment to which could not be more clear. Though her dream has evolved – and she now puts the highest value on working in a global context with similarly passionate and socially conscious performers – her hope is still to eventually take her evolving art back to Japan, where she previously felt that she could not find a place for herself, but, in the meantime, she is thankful to be in the U.S. on a permanent non-immigrant artist’s visa.

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