Episode #42: Jacob – From Mexico to New York City, with Ambition and Purpose

In this episode of Not an Alien, Jacob recounts the story of his immigration journey from Mexico to New York City, and shares ambitions for the life he is building for himself and his parents and siblings, in spite of his lack of legal status in the United States. Driven from his home country by lack of opportunity and threats to his life, he arrived in New York as a young man, and has spent five years learning English, navigating the system, and working hard – often at two jobs – in the restaurant industry. Motivated by the desire to complete his GED on the path to becoming a certified financial consultant, and with dreams of obtaining legal permanent residency so that he can live between the United States and Mexico – where he hopes to build a home for his future family – Jacob exudes a confidence and sense of purpose that should be a model for all aspiring young people, regardless of whether they are documented or undocumented.


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