Episode #21: Moataz – From Egypt to New York City after Winning the Green Card Lottery

In this episode of Not an Alien, Moataz shares the story of his immigration journey from Egypt to the United States. Questioning, as a young man, if there were opportunities for him in his own country, he followed the advice of a relative who was already in the U.S. and entered the green card lottery. For a time, after arriving in New York City, he enjoyed the materialistic pleasures that the City had to offer, but having now started a family, he finds himself feeling more pragmatic about money and more concerned about morality as he considers bringing his wife and children from Egypt to join him in New York. Replete with detailed insights into the financial calculus of surviving in New York City, and encompassing deep legal and personal hardships, Moataz’s story should be essential listening for our present moment in America.


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