Episode #14: Mr. Richards – From Jamaica to New York as a Father and Husband

In this episode of Not an Alien, Mr. Richards recounts his immigration journey from his home in Jamaica to join his wife and young son in New York City. He shares what it was like transitioning from being a regular visitor, on a visitor visa, to receiving his green card and settling permanently in the United States. Both the pace of life and the sense of social isolation were, at first jarring for him, but in time, he has come to feel at home in New York, and he is deeply proud of the success his son has experienced as a student, and speaks glowingly of the ambitions of the young man, who is now in the process of applying to college. If you’re longing to hear some political common sense, and open to insights about the challenges of making ends meet in one of the world’s most expensive cities, then sit down, and spend a few minutes with Mr. Richards as he shares his story of becoming an American citizen.


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