Episode #19: Nadia – From California to Egypt to Sweden and Back Again

In this episode of Not An Alien, Nadia explores the complexities of being born American, in California, to an Egyptian father and a Swedish mother, but growing up in Egypt and Sweden. After leaving the United States before her first birthday, Nadia did not return until nearly twenty years later when pursuit of a career in dance brought her to New York City. After experiences as a professional dancer on both coasts, she has settled into a life – as much as someone with her energy can settle at all! – as a beloved yoga teacher and mother of two American children in New York, but her heart is always in multiple places at once; although she was born an American citizen – the only one in her family – she feels primarily Swedish, and with family and friends spread around the globe, she feels it necessary to travel outside the United States as much as possible to feed her global self.


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