Episode #11: Aditi – The College Student Experience from Tanzania to North Carolina

In this episode of Not an Alien, Aditi recounts her global childhood. Nearly born on a plane en route from the United States back to India, she spent her early childhood in Delhi before relocating with her parents, first to Ethiopia, and later to Tanzania. College brought her to North Carolina in the U.S. – where she was often startled by the degree of ignorance with which she met of the world beyond America’s borders – but having passed through phases of disbelief and comic dismissal of the often shocking questions she would have to field, she eventually embraced them as teachable moments, and sought to change people’s view of Tanzania, Africa, and the world around them.

After pursuing her O.P.T., Aditi was offered her dream position, only to lose out in the H1B lottery. After a stint of volunteering while technically a visitor, she had the good fortune of obtaining an EB-5, and since has obtained her U.S. citizenship, married her childhood sweetheart, and never once looked back in her pursuit of her passion for social ventures.


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