Episode #12: Laasya – From India to California for Love

In this episode of Not an Alien, Laasya recounts her labyrinthine journey through USCIS and environs. Never having imagined moving to the United States, Laasya met her now-husband through mutual friends. After a stint of being long distance between Delhi and Silicon Valley, during which Laasya visited the U.S. on a tourist visa, they were married in Hyderabad where both of their families reside. Their hope had been that the timing would be such – her husband was just in the process of receiving his green card after nearly a decade working in California – that the process would be rather smooth for Laasya, but these initial hopes gave way to a much messier reality that entailed applying for follow-to-join status and a nearly two-year wait, during which time Laasya was caught in bureaucratic limbo, and only able to see her husband on sporadic visits. Thankfully, this leg of her journey has reached a happy conclusion, and she and her husband are now together in the Bay Area!


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