Episode #46: Mikey – From Wales to New York as a British Military Officer Turned Foreign Correspondent

In this episode of Not an Alien, Mikey recounts his immigration journey from Wales to New York – as a recently-retired British Military Officer married to an American – and reflects on his experiences remaking himself as a freelance foreign correspondent, and in covering the 2016 American elections. Especially relevant as millions of Americans are rising up to resist the new Administration’s border wall and Muslim ban, as well as speaking out against the unjust prospect of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General of the United States, this interview explores the ramifications for Mikey – as a green card holder and journalist – of pursuing investigative reporting upon which American intelligence agencies might not look fondly. Topped off with an impassioned, yet commonsensical call for inclusion and pluralism, Mikey’s is a story you won’t want to miss.


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